Cockroach Removal

Cockroach removal is a lot more involved and complicated than simply spraying some bug spray in the corners. When it comes to pests the common cockroach is without a doubt the most hated of these unwelcome invaders in your home or business. You turn on the lights at night in the kitchen and you see the scurrying away to safety.
Cockroaches can be notoriously difficult to get rid of. We’ve been to many places where previous pest controllers have failed to effectively eliminate the problem.

There's an old saying about cockroaches being the only thing to survive in the even of a nuclear war that should give you an idea of just how difficult these insects are to kill! While that's probably an exaggeration the truth is that over the counter sprays and powders rarely do the job.

When you call us out to deal with cockroach removal we will do an inspections to identify the nest location. Then we will use a variety of poisons and baits in order to eliminate not only individual roaches, but the entire colony. By introducing a bait food with poison we can get a cockroach to bring back the poison to their nest and eliminate the rest of the colony.

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Now you may be thinking that they sell various types of bait traps at the shop so you can just do it yourself? While you may be right, chances are that using these products won't get you the results that you need. Or experience suggests you may kill some of the cockroaches, but if any survive they will rebuild, reproduce, and then continue to cause you a problem.

We do both residential and commercial pest control work. So if you have a pub, restaurant, hotel or home with a pest problem give us a call immediately, we are discreet, friendly and all work is guaranteed.

We also offer ongoing pest management and pest consultant work for your business, keeping you compliant with your pest control requirements.

Give us a call today on 07890 297820 and we can get the cockroach nest removed quickly and at a low cost.