Commercial Pest Control

Here at Abbotstone pest control we not only deal with one off residential pest removal but are asked by many businesses countrywide to deal with pests and ensure they are managed effectively. Remember most businesses must ensure they have adequate pest management and control procedures in place. To help you with this we offer a variety of commercial pest control services to suit your individual requirements:

Scheduled Visits

We can visit your site or multiple sites regularly to check for any signs of unwanted pests. We’ll advise on the best prevention strategy and if we spot any problems eliminate the cause asap.

You can of course always call us in between visits if you notice something that concerns you.

One Off Treatments

Often a pest infestation needs swift, discreet and effective action. We’ll arrange a time suitable for you for us to visit your premises. Then we’ll assess the pest problem and talk you through the work we’ll need to do to eliminate the problem.

Once completed we guarantee all our work and will advise you on a ongoing pest control management plan to avoid further re-infestation.

To ensure you stay pest free we do recommend using our scheduled visits service. This will ensure your pest control procedures are up to standard and minimise the chances of another potentially business harming problem.

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Case Study:

We were called by the manager of a holiday home company, extremely concerned about a major pest issue that had caused him to close the site. Losing money daily from lost business he tried another less experienced firm who struggled to contain the issue. We assessed the situation and delivered an effective strategy to completely eliminate the pest problem in a very short time. Reducing the number of closure days and revenue loss.

We now manage this companies sites across the UK, ensuring individual site managers have the right knowledge and procedures to deal with any pests. With regular visits we can check each site is doing the right thing to prevent another problem and also look for tell tale signs of pests that others may miss.

By handing over their pest management to us this not only gives them great piece of mind from a commercial perspective, but means they can focus on running the business.

Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels

Flying pests, rats, mice and cockroaches are commonly attracted to these types of business. Environmental health don’t take kindly to seeing flies buzzing around food or rat droppings in your storage area!

We can supply and fit a variety of fly screens and fly killers, installing them in the correct location for maximum affect. If you already have a problem, don’t wait until it gets any worse. Call us, let us come and have a look. We can tell you what needs to be done, how long it will take and a price for the pest removal job.

We’re always on hand for free pest control advice should you need it.

(tip: if you are a business, be aware of your obligations regarding the use of self administered poisons. We strongly recommend using an experienced pest consultant, even if that’s not us!)

Golf course, Farms & Estate Management

Even though we are experienced pest consultants we are probably best known as mole trapping specialists. Mole catching can be very difficult and to catch a mole you need to understand their behaviour and routines. We look at the situation and then predict where the mole may next go.

We have been catching moles for over ten years so get results far quicker than other less experienced pest controllers.

Several golf courses and estates in Hampshire and across the country employ our mole management service ensuring they remain mole free. The very last thing you want as a golf course manager is a mole hill on the 18th!

The added bonus is because we are experienced in all types on pest management, we can also advise on techniques and strategies for and kitchen/restaurant areas.

Bird Proofing

Birds can be a nuisance in many ways, not only can they cause damage, create noise and are unhygienic, but your customers often associate a bird problem with a poorly managed business. Often it’s not the fault of the business owner, birds have a habit of going where they like.

We can supply and install bird spikes, netting and other bird proofing equipment to ensure they can’t cause any damage to your property.

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Additional Commercial Pest Control Services

As we are conveniently located close to Southampton and Portsmouth we are also available for:

- Pest removal or pest management on ships.
- Shipping container fumigation and pest removal.
- Port and dock pest control.