Flea Removal

For anyone with pets in the home, and even for some people who don't have pets, having to call a pest control expert to rid your home of fleas is the last thing you want. Fortunately we deal with these problems all the time and can remove your flea infestation quickly and discreetly.
Fleas are tiny and they feed on the blood of living creatures, so if you have them in your home then they are almost certainly biting you and feeding on you. That's an unpleasant thought! So if you notice flea bites then we recommend calling us right away, so we can get rid of the fleas sooner rather than later.

The biggest problem with Fleas, and most other types of pests, is that by the time you notice you have a problem it's unfortunately already a pretty big problem. You may think you have caught a Flea infestation early on, but in all likelihood there is probably already a major infestation in your home that needs attention.

Can you try to get rid of them yourself? You can try. Their are many over the counter flea killing products. Pop into your local Hampshire hardware shop and you’ll be able to pick up some kind of pest killing product, but it’s unlikely to be effective. You might slow down the problem but in our experience the fleas nearly always come back. You’re better off giving us a call and we can nip your flea problem in the bud right away.

Give us a call today on 07890 297820 and we’ll eliminate the infestation in your home quickly and efficiently once and for all.

If dealing with Fleas and other pests was easy then there wouldn't be guys like us out there! We have over ten years of pest control experience, we are based in Alresford, but cover most of Hampshire down to Portsmouth and Southampton.

Most people get itchy just thinking about fleas, and if you actually have them then you are probably unfortunately suffering from itchy and painful flea bites on your ankles.

Don't wait. Give us a call today and we’ll eliminate the infestation in your home quickly and efficiently once and for all.

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