Rat & Mice Control

Rats or mice can become a major problem in some homes and businesses and trying to deal with these pests yourself is both time consuming and often tricky.
The most common types of rodents that cause problems are mice and rats. No one likes to see a rat scurrying across their property!

For dealing with interior rodents such as mice what you have to remember is that if you see one of them then there's a good chance that there are many more you many not have noticed. If you start to explore your home you will probably find food packages that have been chewed into as well as droppings to confirm you have a problem.

Now if you are really lucky and you caught the problem early it may be possible to use traps to catch the handful of mice or rats in your home. But the thing about these little unwanted guests is that they multiply quickly and they will probably reproduce faster than you can catch them.

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Instead of trying to rely upon setting up your own traps or even using your own poison, you should call a professional that has experience in dealing with rodent management. Like us (shameless plug!)

We will not only deal with your current pest problem, but we’ll also point out steps you can take in the future to prevent another rat or mouse problem.

We have over 10 years of pest control experience and cover Alresford, Alton, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Fareham, Four Marks, Gosport, Hampshire, Itchen Valley, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester & more.

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